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Fat Burn™ Method

The only foolproof way to lose maximum weight with Keto – and keep it off!

All weight loss programs at Evolve180 are based on the famous Fat Burn™ Method – an individualized nutritional approach that is scientifically calculated to make sure you are burning fat at all times, instead of carbs or muscle.

But isn’t that what ALL Keto diets do?

The short answer is NO.

The three most common mistakes people make with Keto are:

  • They eat too little protein, in which case the body starts burning muscle (not fat) for fuel.
  • They eat too much protein, in which case the excess is converted to carbs and ketosis is toast.
  • They eat too much fat, in which case their body won't bother to burn its own.

In all of these scenarios, fat burn – which is the whole point of any Keto diet -- is drastically impaired.

Why The Fat Burn™ Method Is So Effective

# 1: Our bodies are conditioned to store fat. And protect it at all costs

The human body is primitively wired to save fat, since at one time it was our most precious, life-saving resource.  (Think Paleolithic cave-dwellers and saber-toothed tigers.)  A lot has changed in our environment since then, but not so much with our ancient, survival-oriented metabolisms.  Our bodies still constantly hoard and store excess calories, and refuse to dip into the reserves unless FORCED by famine or other drastic conditions.

# 2: Fat Burn™ `tricks’ the body into letting go of this primitive instinct

The Fat Burn™ Method SAFELY simulates those drastic conditions to trick your body into burning it's precious fat stores while sparing muscle and improving metabolic sensitivity.

Our team calculates a Fat Burn™ formula unique to each individual, based on Metabolic Type, muscle mass, basal metabolic rate, activity level and observed levels of insulin resistance or carb-sensitivity. 

# 3: Your individual Fat Burn™ formula is the safest and fastest way to reach your goal

Within just 3 days, you'll be burning virtually pure fat at a rate 2-3 times faster than on any other type of diet.  The "weight" you lose will be fat, not muscle, which means you'll be a lean, mean, calorie-burning machine when you hit your goal.

# 4: And then, it gets even better!

Once you learn to stay in Fat Burn™ mode, it changes the way your body responds to food - forever! 

In the first few months, your body ADAPTS to a preference to burn fat. But it also becomes FLEXIBLE.

If you follow our Fat Burn™ Maintenance Plan (which is full of rich, satisfying foods and a new sense of freedom), you'll be able to safely add back moderate carbs and stay at your goal weight for life!

It's easy, sustainable and delicious! Hundreds and hundreds of our clients have proven it! 


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Excellent :

Our clients leave 5 Star reviews on Google & Yelp

“Coming from a family of diabetics, I was pretty excited to find a diet that got me to my target weight and stabilized my blood sugar without any medication! 5 stars!”

- Libby Ferguson

“The Evolve180 foods really seem to do the trick of fooling my brain into thinking I am full. I still can’t believe I  have not felt like snacking on carbs or `cheating’ in 9 weeks!”

- Sohini Roychowdhury

“My wife and I have become true believers. Only Evolve180 seems to honor their sign-up promise of ”free” maintenance after the weight loss phase.”

- James Young

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